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December 22, 2011
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March 05, 2012
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First Choice Services Australia


Office Cleaning


Clean And Safe Working Environment

An important part of running a professional workplace is to maintain a clean and orderly workplace. Hygienic, well cleaned offices, means healthy, productive staff. Many of our buildings that we clean have high-profile tenants for whom security is a key issue. In all instances, our staff are vetted & have references checked by First Choice Services Australia, and are often requested to undergo thorough security clearances. We inspect your premises to the highest level of detail. We have daily, alternate days and weekly programs, depending on your needs. We tailor design the cleaning specifications, keeping in mind that we need to meet your cleaning needs, within your budget. We can incorporate the supply of bins & waste removal, cardboard and paper recycling, provision of toilet paper, hand towels, and soaps, ladies sanitary bins, carpet steam cleaning, tile & vinyl sealer maintenance, window cleaning, and much more......

Domestic Cleaning

Healthy Living

First Choice Services Australia has expertise in Moving in/ out cleaning to both businesses and homes. Moving house is a stressful enough experience on its own. We can help you focus on your move while we handle the End of Lease Cleaning, Move in/ move out, End of Tenancy or Spring cleaning service. Our professional cleaning staff will handle all of the deep cleaning that needs to be done to leave your house glistening. Our End of Lease cleaning services in Sydney consists of everything in a regular cleaning, plus deep cleaning of the oven, stove, ceiling fans, and cabinets and drawers. We provide end of lease cleaners services to real estate agents, home owners and tenants in Sydney. As businesses move, the old facility needs to be cleaning and prepared for renovation and property owners and managers will want to make sure their new location is given the white glove treatment before the movers begin moving the new office equipment in. Commercial move in/out cleaning can vary from small, quick one day service jobs of just a few thousand square feet to large office buildings of 50,000 square feet and up. We are experts at providing an efficient, cost effective and fast service request for move-in/move-out cleaning services in Sydney. Through our professional work we understand the requirements of End of Tenancy cleaning. We work with real estate agents to make sure that all of their requirements are met. We are confident of our services and guarantee you the rental bond back. We pride ourselves with quality of our services at the highest competitive prices. Our charges depend on the amount of time spend and the type and size of the premises. We are a trusted end of lease cleaners in Sydney and completely understand all your requirements. Our end of lease cleaning services are based on a holistic approach and ensures that even the tough areas like kitchen and bathrooms are left with a sparkling shine.


Hospitality Cleaning

Let your front of house look its best

We help hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes focus on their hospitality, preparing for, and serving their guests. We are cleaning professionals. We know where to find the dirt. We know how to keep restrooms clean. We keep the front of the house looking its best. We have extensive, specialist knowledge of the hospitality industry. First Choice Services Australia understands that each property is unique, so we cater for each individual client's needs. We provide highly trained staff, supervisors and executive housekeepers who are dedicated to and consistently provide quality service and excellence. 365 days per year.


Industrial Cleaning

Professionals make the difference

From the dirtiest, oily, factory environment, through to food processing and food packaging environments that require HACCP knowledge and experience, First Choice Services Australia has industrial cleaning experience that is second to none. This means that we have the ability to use and implement our years of knowledge and extensive experience, knowing the appropriate cleaning agents to use, and supplying and maintaining the most appropriate cleaning equipment machinery, whilst utilizing safe operation methods. Does your warehouse need sweeping? Does your factory floor need machine scrubbing? Does your area need pressure washing? We have the answers for you. We know best HACCP practice for your food processing or packaging area. We know the right chemicals to use on your factory floors. Let us construct a managed cleaning schedule that enables you to spend your valuable time on other aspects of your business.




Hard Floor Care

Proper care and maintenance makes floor last longer

Our hard floor cleaning process will rejuvenate and leave your vinyl, terrazzo, marble or stone floor looking like brand new. We are experienced in all types of floor maintenance from swing polishing to high speed buffing, cut & polish to strip & seal, auto machine scrubbing to rotary pressure cleaning. Our process will leave your floors looking clean and refreshed. We can supply a cleaning maintenance schedule to suit your needs. We use a combination of technical know-how and superior quality chemicals to achieve excellent results. Quite often, dull and scratched floors can be brought back to life. A typical service includes stripping the existing sealer, and applying four to five coats of premium quality sealer. Vinyl floors will be protected and will look great with a new lustrous shine. This service can be performed overnight, so the floors are ready to walk on in the morning.



Strata Cleaning

Let your front of house look its best

We provide strata cleaning and also supervision and management for all types of sites, from commercial high rise buildings to residential apartments, buildings that are managed by real estate agents or strata management companies. We provide cleaning of all common areas to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Strata cleaning services include vacuuming and/or mopping of stairwells, foyers, and laundry areas, replacement of light globes, basic handymen work, cleaning of garbage areas, lawn mowing and garden maintenance, window cleaning, carpet steam cleaning and deodorizing, emergency work, graffiti and rubbish removal.



Washroom Services

Let your front of house look its best

The service range for First Choice Services Australia washroom services includes ladies sanitary and nappy disposal, air fresheners, soap and soap dispensers, urinal/WC sanitisers, and paper products. We can provide cutting edge sanitising systems for urinals and toilets. Our programmable dispensers inject a concentrated solution into the water system. The concentrate cleans, sanitises and deodorises surfaces. We offer a choice of hand drying solutions including HACCP approved paper towel dispensers, portion controlled dispensers, hot air dryers, and continuous cotton towelling systems. Our services include supply and install. Nappy bins – include a complete unit exchange at every service. We have non-porous liners filled with anti bacterial control and odour neutralisers. We can supply purpose designed bins, to keep nappies out of general waste bins. We have a range of feminine hygiene units to choose from. We provide a complete unit exchange at every service. We use non-porous liners providing anti-bacterial control and odour neutralisers. We use the best environmental waste disposal systems. We can provide secure, lockable steel sharps disposal units. With an approved design, stand alone units are also available for medical centres. We provide robust and lockable toilet tissue, and dispensers. There is a choice of styles, colours and grades of paper including recycled, bio-degradable and bleached.



Window Cleaning

Let your front of house look its best

First Choice Services Australia undertakes all types of window and glass cleaning, from office windows to large scale, high-rise buildings. We take into account environmental impact, and emphasise the importance of OH&S when working on high access work to ensure all work spaces are safe for our workers, your workers, and the general public. We provide window and partition glass cleaning, sign cleaning, building high pressure wash water cleaning: Direct Jet or Rotary. Pavement and car park, walls, signs and brick work. We can arrange and manage installation and certification of anchor points for industrial rope access for hard or high reach areas. Industrial Rope Access: All operators have as their minimum standard the T.R.A.C. Industrial Rope Access VM ~ Level 2 certification. Ground level safety barricade zone enforced. Safety: Five point harness & lanyard, all equipment securely attached. Wind speed monitored. Ground level safety barricade zone enforced. Mobile Travel-Towers (Cherry-picker or platform lifts): We organize the hire of the right size, at the right place and at the right time, with the necessary Council/Police/RTA approval. Traffic control monitored. Ground level safety barricade zone enforced.



Carpet Cleaning

Let your front of house look its best

Professional carpet cleaning gives your office or facility the hygienic, clean look it deserves. Dirt and soil are easily visible and wiped off on hard surfaces, but on carpets they can quickly work their way deep into the fibres. Dirt and soil combined with abrasive action from the foot traffic will cause your carpets to deteriorate and need replacing well before it is due. We use environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions. Our carpet cleaning teams use the latest eco friendly equipment, products and processes, leaving your carpets smelling fresh and looking their best with little or no disruption to your business. Our carpet cleaning leads to cleaner carpet, less hazardous indoor air, lower health risks for building tenants and staff, and a lower environmental impact.




Retail or Commercial Cleaning

Clean shops and stores attract customers

If you are in the retail business sector you will know the importance of high traffic zones and the impact they have on your business. A clean shop or shopping centre, impacts on the visual perception your potential customers have on your business. From high traffic areas on marble and terrazzo floors, through to car parks, escalators, lifts, and bathrooms we have extensive experience to make your retail area clean. First Choice Services Australia has spent many years refining retail cleaning strategies for a wide variety of businesses. We place a great emphasis on safety and environmental issues, structured quality assurance inspections, and most of all your customer's hygiene and well being. Let us organize a total retail package for you, allowing you to take care of the other important issues that arise in your business. We can also arrange for bins and waste removal, supply of cardboard and paper recycling, provision of toilet paper, hand towels, and soaps, ladies sanitary bins, car park sweeping, security and concierge personnel, and much more......

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regardless of the fact that your office or work area may be compact, professional carpet cleaning services are still a very good idea. Smaller areas can be very cost effective to get cleaned. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because the carpeted area is small that you can effectively clean carpet yourself or use [...]

Domestic & Hospitality Cleaning

Free yourself from the drudgery of housework 'cause life's too short for dusting and mopping. You should be spending your spare time relaxing with family and friends, not vacuuming!

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Office Cleaning Handyman Services

Crumbs in the keyboard, dust on the window sills, office copier covered in fingerprints. Apart from OHS, a messy office makes it difficult for staff to "get in the zone". If you think its time to give the office a spruce up, you may be surprised at how cheap it is to hire an office cleaner on a regular basis. Usually cleaning is done when the businesses are closed, so it does not disturb business activities.

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